Drug-Addicted Mother Found Guilty in Death of Asthmatic Child

Drug-Addicted Mother Found Guilty in Death of Asthmatic Child

(ConservativeHub.com) – A Coventry Crown Court found UK mother Laura Heath guilty of gross negligent manslaughter in the death of her 7-year-old son, Hakeem Hussain, The Sun reported. Hussain suffered from asthma, which his mother failed to treat appropriately. Prosecutors said she put her drug addiction above her son’s health and let him die of an asthma attack in his backyard.

Health had previously pleaded guilty to charges of child cruelty before the jury decided on the manslaughter charge. The case against her highlighted the dirty living conditions in her residence. The BBC reported officers found someone had turned one of the boy’s asthma inhalers into a crack pipe.

The boy lived in unclean conditions and slept on a dirty couch in the months before the asthma attack that took his life. His condition gradually worsened over that time. A nurse at the child’s school warned Heath about Hussain’s poor health just days before he died.

Hussain was outside getting fresh air on the day in question because his breathing was difficult. He could not wake his mother and had to deal with the medical emergency on his own. His mother found him lying cold and unresponsive later. She called the emergency line and told them her son was dead.

Autopsy results showed the boy’s lungs were in terrible condition. He also had high levels of cocaine and heroin in his hair.

Prosecutors said Heath failed her child and allowed him to suffer. She put her drug use above him, and he paid the price. Heath’s sentencing will occur on April 28, according to the BBC.

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