Drug Counselor Wants To See Permanent Solutions for Homelessness

Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – Kevin Dahlgren works towards reducing homelessness in the City of Gresham and has become well-known online for spending his free time conversing with those living in the streets of Portland. According to Fox News, he recently talked about the empty tent that had been erected by activists in the area as a way of encouraging homeless people to live in them. The tent had been set on a sidewalk away from the litter and had been left with the rain fly open so that the empty interior could be visible.

Dahlgren usually posts videos showcasing his conversations with the people he meets on the streets of Portland Twitter has been trying to bring more awareness to the West Coast’s “dysfunctional system” for addressing homelessness. Having worked in social services, he is now trying to focus on permanent solutions instead of quick fixes that band-aid the problem.

Oregon is one of the states with the highest homelessness rates in the nation. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are around 17,959 people who are homeless in the state, and 11,000 of those are unsheltered.

Dahlgren further noted that 80 percent of homeless people have a history of addiction. One homeless man, Anthony, in an interview with Fox News, also revealed that he has not seen anyone offer a permanent solution, instead, they are only providing a blanket or a tent most of the time. However, Dahlgren encouraged him to look at the transitional housing available in the state which can help act as a more permanent solution.

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