El Paso Mayor Says City Has Hit “Breaking Point”

Photo by Chris Carzoli on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – On Saturday, September 23, Oscar Leeser, the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Texas said in a news conference that the immigration crisis had resulted in the city reaching a “breaking point.”

During his remarks, Leeser argued that there were limited resources in the city. According to a Fox News report, El Paso has recently had more than 2,000 migrants entering through the U.S. border each day seeking asylum. This has been straining the city’s resources and had led to shelter spaces overflowing.

Leeser added that while they had been preparing for this situation the numbers have escalated a lot faster than what they had originally expected. According to Reuters, a number of cities in Texas and California have seen a large increase in asylum seekers of predominantly Venezuelan origin. Many of them have used dangerous cargo trains and buses to get to the country’s southern border.

On Saturday, Leeser announced that the city would be opening a new shelter and that five buses were being chartered to transfer migrants to Denver, Chicago, and New York. The mayor has maintained that the migrants will be given a choice in where they would like to be transported, and pointed out that many migrants did not have the transportation means to reach their preferred destination.

El Paso has a shelter capacity that can only house 400 people, including the city’s homeless population. Leeser is not the only Democratic mayor in Texas to speak up over the effects of the border crisis on their city.

Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas also declared a state of emergency after 5,000 migrants crossed into his city through the border.

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