Environmentalists Strike AGAIN – Work of Art TARGETED

Protesters Deface Painting in Vienna

Protesters Target Painting in Vienna

(ConservativeHub.com) – Protesters always want people to hear their voices, so they often seek the most public spaces to hold their demonstrations. While this is legal with the right permits, sometimes activists potentially cross lines between what’s legal and ethical. Environmentalists in Vienna recently shocked onlookers at the Leopold Museum in Vienna when they attempted to deface a famous artwork.

On Tuesday, November 15, members of the climate change group Last Generation Austria snuck a black, oily liquid into the Leopold Museum by hiding it in a hot water thermos under their clothing. They approached artist Gustav Klimt’s 1915 painting titled “Death and Life” and threw the substance on the glass covering the work of art. Another activist reportedly tried to glue their hand to the glass during the demonstration.

According to the New York Post, the protestors chose to carry out their stunt on St. Leopold’s Day, when the museum provided free admission to the public due to the sponsorship of OMV, an oil and gas company. Last Generation Austria tweeted after the incident, calling new oil and gas drilling “a death sentence for humanity.”

Museum officials confirmed that the glass fully protected the priceless painting, and they will increase security in light of the growing number of protests attacking artwork worldwide. However, this isn’t the first time activists have targeted famous artworks recently. For instance, back in October, two climate change activists in England threw soup on a Van Gogh painting in protest.

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