Epstein-Linked BILLIONAIRE Named – Horrifying Allegations!

Woman Accuses Epstein-Linked Billionaire of Assaulting Her

Woman Accuses Epstein-Linked Billionaire of Assaulting Her

(ConservativeHub.com) – Despite dying in 2019, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein keeps finding his way into headlines. This time, an associate of his, Leon Black, stands accused of rape. The alleged crime occurred at Epstein’s New York home in 2002, and the victim named his estate in the lawsuit.

Black is a billionaire who made his money in investments. But Cheri Pierson alleged in a lawsuit filed on November 28 that he is also a rapist. A different person, Guzel Ganieva, accused Black of abusing her back in 2021.

At the time, she was a single mother trying to make ends meet. She gave massages to earn extra cash, and Epstein was one of her clients. He reportedly arranged the meeting between Black and Pierson.

She expected a regular massage session for which she would earn a much-needed $300. Instead, Black allegedly made sexual advances. Pierson states he tried to force her to perform oral sex, but when she refused, he attacked her. The alleged vicious assault left the woman in pain and shock.

According to the NBC News, Black’s lawyer called the claims “baseless” and committed to pushing back against the plaintiff’s legal team’s alleged “misuse of the courts.”

Pierson isn’t the only person coming forward years after an alleged sexual assault. New York enacted the Adult Survivors Act in May. The legislation allows victims of crimes past the statute of limitations the chance to file lawsuits within a one-year window. Axios reports that according to attorney Susan Crumiller of the Survivors Law Project, there is a lot of interest from people wanting to bring cases under the new law.

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