Ethics Committee Investigates Madison Cawthorn Over Major Allegations

Ethics Committee Investigates Madison Cawthorn Over Major Allegations

Top Republican UNDER INVESTIGATION – It Looks Bad

( – Junior Congressmen Madison Cawthorn’s (R-NC) term has not been without controversy. From calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug” to risque photos and videos of him appearing online, some Americans have wondered how he made it to Congress. Even though he’s on his way out after losing his re-election bid, the House Ethics Committee is opening an investigation into the representative.

On Monday, May 23, the House Committee on Ethics announced it would create an investigative subcommittee to figure out whether Cawthorn “improperly promoted” the cryptocurrency LGBCoin on December 29, a day before Brandon Brown, a NASCAR driver, announced a partnership with the currency. After the announcement, LGBCoin spiked, potentially increasing Cawthorn’s wealth if he had a significant amount invested in it.

Multiple government watchdog groups have raised concerns about Cawthorn’s actions. The Daily Beast shared more about this and the committee’s second reason for the investigation:

The press release said nothing more about the alleged “improper relationship,” but it did emphasize that the junior lawmaker enjoys the presumption of innocence during the committee’s probe because there’s no proof of any rules violations as yet.

Blake Harp, Cawthorn’s Chief of Staff, told Axios the representative’s office would “welcome the opportunity” to clear the congressman’s name, and he accused opponents of bringing the allegations against the legislator. Now, the Ethics Committee’s job is to thoroughly investigate and call witnesses as necessary to understand the situation better.

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