Ex-Intel Official Makes Huge Admission About Hunter Biden Findings

Photo by Unsplash on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – An individual who signed the discredited open letter in which the findings in Hunter Biden’s laptop were discredited, has recently opened up further about the case.

Douglas Wise, who previously worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA, was one of the dozens of former intel officials who had previously said in a public letter that the findings in Hunter Biden’s laptop aligned with all the signs of “a Russian information operation.” This was all the way back in October 2020, and at the time, Wise was joined by other high-ranking officials like former CIA Director John Brennan and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to sign. However, he just spoke up about the matter during an interview with the Australian.

In the interview that was published last week, Wise said that most the things that had been reported regarding the emails had to be based on reality in order for the Russian disinformation to appear credible.

Wise was one of the ex-intel officials that had originally dismissed the New York Post report on Hunter Biden. However, he has now admitted for the first time that it is likely that the emails were real. Despite this, Wise said that he does not regret signing the letter.

The open letter had originally been published by Politico and aimed to downplay the situation regarding the emails and findings in Hunter Biden’s laptop. The story then continued to be reported by conservative news outlets, according to Fox News.

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