Ex-NFL Player Intervenes in Carjacking

Ex-NFL Player Intervenes in Carjacking

(ConservativeHub.com) – It’s not every day someone meets a former NFL player, and even rarer that the player tries to stop thieves from stealing a car. However, outside a child care center in Edina, Minnesota, that’s exactly what happened last week to one unsuspecting woman.

On Wednesday, January 12, former NFL cornerback Robert Blanton saw carjackers targeting a woman outside the daycare he runs with his wife. The two carjackers forced the woman outside the Kiddie Academy to hand over her keys, which she did before running towards the safety of the daycare center. One of the alleged carjackers reportedly ran after her because they wanted her purse. Upon seeing one of the suspects throw her to the ground, Blanton bolted out the door and confronted the carjackers.

The suspects quickly attempted to make their escape, but Blanton tried to pull one of them out of the car. The carjackers then tried to run over Blanton and were able to drive away. However, the former cornerback was reportedly acknowledged as a hero for intervening in this potentially lethal situation. Law Enforcement Today shared more about this incredible story:

Blanton, who played for the Minnesota Vikings between 2012 and 2015 and the Buffalo Bills from 2016 to 2017, told one news station he’s “definitely not a hero.” That said, it’s notable that Blanton used his abilities and bravery to intervene in a situation and help a woman feel safe after a traumatic carjacking.

Edina detective Ben Wenande pointed out that not everyone should attempt stopping carjackers as the thieves could have guns. He instead encouraged citizens to call 911 and use a camera to record as much footage as possible if it’s safe.

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