Expelled Tennessee Democrats Allowed Back Into Office

Expelled Tennessee Democrats Allowed Back Into Office

(ConservativeHub.com) – Following his reinstatement to the state’s House, Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) has officially returned to office after being ousted for participating in the recent protest concerning the issue of gun violence. Pearson was also reinstated to his position.

On the afternoon of April 10, the Nashville Metropolitan Council decided to bring back Jones following a decision from the GOP-controlled House to expel both him and Rep. Justin Pearson (D-Memphis).

During Jones’ reinstatement and oath, there were many of his supporters gathered outside the State Capitol cheering him on. Jones was the lone nominee for the district’s seat and was unanimously voted in by the council’s 36 members as a temporary stand-in for the 52nd District.

Following the reading of positive votes by the clerk, the council cheered Jones’ reinstatement. Only moments after being reinstated, he headed down to take his oath of office.

Pearson was reinstated on April 12 by the local Board of Commissioners. Like Jones, he faced a crowd of supporters after the fact, who cheered for his reinstatement. According to reports, he said to the crowd that no one could “expel our voice” or “our fight.”

Jones and Pearson were both ousted from the Tennessee House last week for having participated in the protests in the House chamber demanding gun rule reform following the deadly shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville. The attack led to six deaths, including those of three 9-year-olds.

Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville), was also part of the protest, but she was not expelled. The expulsion of Jones and Pearson drew controversy, as they are black and Johnson is white.

Republicans have argued that all representatives involved “knowingly and intentionally” brought “disorder and dishonor” to Congress. Democrats nationwide have stood with the Tennessee Three, as the lawmakers have been dubbed. Vice President Kamala Harris also visited the state to support the three lawmakers last week.

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