Experts Work To Find Answers Amid Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreak

Experts Work To Find Answers Amid Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreak

Experts INTERVENE Amid Bizarre Outbreak – Deaths Reported!

( – Childhood illnesses can be devastating to a family, especially if they result in the loss of life. According to the CDC, a new outbreak is happening and threatening the lives of the littlest Americans. Since the fall of 2021, over 180 children have contracted pediatric hepatitis, and no one knows why.

On Wednesday, May 18, the CDC announced that since October 2021, 36 different US states and territories have reported 180 pediatric hepatitis cases. The report said that no deaths had been reported since February 2022 and 9% of patients had required a liver transplant. However, on May 20, a sixth death was reported.

The CDC is trying to figure out the cause of the hepatitis outbreak. While a specific strain of adenovirus has appeared in about half of the children who contracted the disease, scientists have not linked the two in a causal relationship yet. USA Today shared more about how tricky this outbreak is:

Although scientists will continue looking into adenovirus as a cause, they acknowledge COVID-19 complications, specifically “long COVID,” could also influence the spread of the illness. UK authorities are testing to determine prior COVID infection status. While this is an important story to watch, the CDC says pediatric hepatitis is still extremely rare and not deadly in most cases.

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