Explosion in Kabul Reportedly Leaves Over 20 Dead

Explosion in Kabul Reportedly Leaves Over 20 Dead

Bomb EXPLOSION – Over 20 People Dead!

(ConservativeHub.com) – President Joe Biden ordered the last US troops to leave Afghanistan in August 2021. Days later, the Taliban swept through the country, overthrowing the government and establishing themselves as the new rulers. A year after the debacle, a bomb exploded at a Kabul Mosque during evening prayer, killing over 20 people and injuring even more.

Mosque Explodes in Kabul

On Wednesday, August 17, a bombing occurred at a mosque in northern Kabul, killing its imam. The now-deceased cleric, Mawlawi Amir Mohammad Kabuli, supported the Taliban and ran an Islamic school. As of Thursday, August 18, no group claimed responsibility for the explosion, which killed a minimum of 21 people and injured 33 others, including children. Reports say a suicide bomber carried out the attack.

Islamic State (ISIS) had claimed similar attacks in recent months, including an early August incident when the terror group killed Taliban-associated cleric Rahimullah Haqqani by sending in a suicide bomber with explosives in a false limb. ISIS was also responsible for the bomb at the Capitol’s international airport during the US troop withdrawal, which killed 13 US military members and over 150 locals.

Afghanistan Struggles as Crises Pile Up

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the economy began to shrivel up under various sanctions. Women and girls lost many freedoms, and terrorist attacks plagued the cities. Multiple regions are experiencing flooding, which has killed at least 43 people, injured over 100, and damaged nearly 800 homes, The New York Times reported.

Food shortages have plagued the entire country. The United Nations resident and humanitarian coordinator said that “acute hunger” in Afghanistan went from affecting 14 million people in July 2021 to 23 million in March 2022.

The Taliban Hopes to Bring “Justice”

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid assured citizens that those who carried out the attack “will soon be brought to justice and will be punished,” AP first reported. Yet, the regime has refused to recognize the country’s economic crisis, plunging nearly its entire population into poverty and starvation.

Unassociated with the bombing, the Taliban confirmed on Wednesday, August 17, that it captured and killed former commander Mahdi Mujahid after he opposed the leadership in Kabul. Do you think the Taliban will get the bombings and attacks under control?

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