Facebook Oversight Board to Reach Major Decision

Facebook Oversight Board to Reach Major Decision

(ConservativeHub.com) – Facebook suspended then-President Donald Trump’s page for 24 hours after it “assessed two policy violations” against it on January 6, in the wake of the riot at the US Capitol Building. Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg extended the suspension “indefinitely” the following day and “for at least the next two weeks.” Now, more than 13 weeks later, Trump may be getting his page back.

Facebook’s new Oversight Board announced it would hand down a final decision on the status of Trump’s suspension on Wednesday, April 5. Ironically, it made the announcement using its Twitter account.

Although there’s no way of knowing its decision ahead of time, Bloomberg reported a few weeks ago that a review of other board decisions indicated “the board seems poised” to restore Trump’s Facebook page.

Trump’s return to Facebook would be a massive victory for conservatives, who have had their voices throttled on social media for years. It could also serve as a notice to Twitter and other social media platforms to quit unfairly censoring user content.

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