Family Members Reportedly Decline To Express Support for RFK Jr. Campaign

Photo by Ana Lanza on Unsplash

( – A CNN report has shown that members of the Kennedy family are not going to be supporting one of their own kin in the 2024 presidential race.

CNN has conducted multiple interviews with members of the Kennedy family who have indicated that they would not be backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his quest to secure the 2024 Democratic nomination. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made headlines earlier this month when he formally announced that he was going to be running for president. Kennedy officially kicked off his presidential campaign this past week in Boston.

President Joe Biden has often reiterated that he is planning on running for reelection in 2024, but he has not yet formally announced his reelection campaign.

In a CNN interview, Chris Kennedy, who previously ran for Illinois governor, was asked about whether he was going to back his brother amid his run for the presidency. In response, he simply asked, “Which brother?”

Rory Kennedy also stated in an interview that he loves his brother and that while he supports the work he has done for the environment, his stance on many other issues is causing him to instead support Biden.

Another sibling, Former Maryland Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, stated that she was not going to discuss Robert’s campaign. Kennedy Townsend serves the Department of Labor and is steadfastly against her brother’s views, writing an article for Politico Magazine that says he has perpetuated “a misinformation campaign that’s having heartbreaking—and deadly—consequences.”

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