Family Opens Up About Alleged Car Robbery That Shattered College Hopes

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – A family is opening up after revealing they decided to pull their son out of a college in Oakland, California because of crime and a lackluster police response. 

Nerissa Murray Watson and Noel Watson from Florida reportedly chose to pull their son Rhomel Crossman from a college in the Bay Area. During an interview on “Fox & Friends First,” they revealed that they could recall how afraid they were after they found that the rental car they had rented to move their son into his dorm was shattered. Many valuable items were reportedly stolen, but according to Watson, the police wouldn’t come to help.

Nerissa Murray Watson said that when they called the police, they were informed that it was up to them to go to the station and that the police could not come. Rhomel Crossman was set to attend Lincoln University. 

She said she proceeded to inform the police that she did not know the location of the station, did not know the area and they had just been robbed. Despite this, the police allegedly refused to come to help them. The family claims that they called three times, but the police refused to help them every time. 

Even after the family found the station, they were left to wait outside before being allowed in after 15 minutes, Watson said.

Crossman was planning on attending Lincoln University on a football scholarship. However, this incident threw a wrench in those plans. The thieves allegedly stole five suitcases, a bag with $3,000, and several personal items. Crossman’s diploma, social security cards, and passport were also allegedly stolen.

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