Family Sues School for Not Letting Student Wear Controversial Shirt

Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

( – Liam Morrison and his family have taken legal action against Nichols Middle School after the school told 7th-grade student Liam Morrison to change his shirt. The family is taking the school to court, alleging it violated Liam Morrison’s First Amendment rights after instructing him in late March to take off a shirt that read, “There are only two genders.” The school argued that the shirt was a violation of the dress code.

Attorneys representing the school told the Morrison Family’s representation that Liam was still prohibited from wearing that shirt inside the building, after the boy had informed them that he intended to wear in once again in early May.

The young boy then donned a shirt stating that genders were “censored,” but was reportedly instructed to remove it right after school began. In an interview with Fox News Digital before the lawsuit was filed, he said that shortly after he arrived, someone walked into his homeroom and instructed him to follow. He added that knowing what his shirt was saying, he thought that he was going to be sent to the principal’s office. He proceeded to state that after changing shirt, the school proceeded to be “relatively normal.”

Sam Whiting, one of the lawyers representing the Morrisons, spoke to Fox News Digital in a previous report, calling the situation a “plain case of censorship.” He argued that students should be allowed to express their opinions as long as they aren’t causing a “material and substantial disruption” or promoting anything illegal.

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