FBI Director References “Troubling” Allegations During Hearing

FBI Director References

FBI SCANDAL Reported – Director Testifies!

(ConservativeHub.com) – Congressional hearings cover a wide range of topics, from national security and gun violence to deciphering whether or not federal agents are doing their job correctly. Congress members recently discussed the latter issue after people accused an FBI agent of suppressing information regarding Hunter Biden and showing bias on social media.

On Thursday, August 4, during a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, lawmakers pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray concerning allegations of an agent dismissing intel against Hunter Biden. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) began the line of questioning by asking Wray about his knowledge of the agent engaging on social media with insulting and demeaning articles about conservative politicians, including former President Donald Trump.

As the questioning continued, Kennedy pressed the FBI director about agent Timothy Thibault and another colleague’s attempt to hide “derogatory information” concerning Hunter Biden. While Wray emphasized he wanted “to be very careful not to interfere with ongoing personnel matters,” he did confirm the information as “deeply troubling.”

Kennedy learned of Thibault’s potential missteps after a whistleblower came forward last month, alleging that the agent tried to close FBI probes into Hunter in October 2020. For now, the federal employee in question is on leave until the ongoing investigation concludes whether he tried to help conceal any potential missteps of President Joe Biden’s son. If these reports are true, they could be a blow to the integrity of the FBI.

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