FBI Looks for Classified Documents at Mike Pence’s Home

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

(ConservativeHub.com) – FBI investigators conducted a 5-hour no restrictions search of former Vice President Mike Pence’s home in Indiana. This came after Pence previously turned over some documents with classified labels in his possession. During the search, another classified document was discovered along with six more pages.

Devin O’Malley, a spokesperson, has said that Pence had told his legal team to fully cooperate with the authorities during the search and to try to be as transparent as possible in order to bring a conclusion to the case. The FBI first went to Pence’s home on Friday morning to conduct the agreed upon search.

The search was entirely voluntary and it had been agreed between Pence and the DOJ. A DOJ official also confirmed that the FBI had conducted a search into Pence’s home.

According to reports, a legal team member of Pence’s was there during the search. As part of the search, the documents recovered were not only classified records, but also documents that were original copies of presidential records which should be stored by the National Archives.

The Justice’s National Security Division is typically responsible for handling cases of disclosure or mishandling of information that’s classified. However, following the two investigations into President Biden and former President Trump being assigned to special counsels, AG Merrick Garland has made changes to the handling of those cases.

Pence and his wife were not present during the search as they were in California for the birth of their grandchild.

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