FBI Steps in Amid Missing Child Case

FBI Steps in Amid Missing Child Case

(ConservativeHub.com) – Losing a child is most parents’ worst nightmare. In Texas, this horrifying possibility became reality in December when a couple’s three-year-old daughter went missing from the playground near their apartment complex. Even the FBI is working on the case to try and find the missing girl.

On Monday, December 20, Lina Sardar Khil, a female refugee from Afghanistan, disappeared from a park on Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio, Texas. She was last seen wearing a red dress with a black jacket and black shoes. Despite two awards totaling $150,000 for information leading to her rescue, authorities have yet to find Lina.

The New York Post shared a photo of the small child on Twitter:

After weeks of searching with few leads, the FBI’s underwater search and evidence response team arrived in San Antonio to begin scouring the waters near the girl’s home. The dive team ended its search without success on Wednesday, but the FBI is reportedly continuing its use of resources and specialists to help locate her. Will the ongoing search yield some clues to finding this girl alive?

According to Lina’s father, Riaz Sardar Khil, the family arrived in the United States in 2019 as refugees after they fled death threats in their home nation. Hopefully, authorities are able to reunite this Afghan family once again, as they have already been through so much.

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