Federal VIOLATION Reported – Biden Official Receives Warning!

Biden Official Accused of Violating Hatch Act

Biden Official Reportedly Violated Hatch Act

(ConservativeHub.com) – President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, raised a bit of trouble due to a post he shared on Twitter from Strike PAC — a group that funds and promotes Democratic candidates and their campaigns. The America First Legal Foundation reported the infraction to the US Office of Special Counsel (OSC), who ruled he violated the Hatch Act with his activities.

The Hatch Act dictates what federal employees can and can’t do regarding federally funded programs. According to the OSC, its goal is to keep partisanship out of government spending and to prevent party members from forcing their agenda on government employees. It also helps level the playing field when promoting employees without regard to party affiliation.

Sharing any politically-affiliated content asking for donations or encouraging the purchase of products to benefit a group on an official government social media account qualifies as a violation. Klain’s post directed people to buy “Democrats Deliver” merchandise from the PAC, an organization dedicated to supporting the election and ideals of liberal candidates. The message also thanked the President for his work.

The chief of staff deleted the tweet when he became aware of the violation, which helped him regarding the matter. The special counsel officer didn’t punish him. Klain only received a warning to refrain from such activities in the future.

Do you think a warning was fair in this case?

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