Florida Mayor Suddenly Resigns, Alleging “Corruptive Behavior” in Local Government

Richard Mc Neil, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(ConservativeHub.com) – Earlier this month, the Madeira Beach Mayor in Florida resigned after sending out a letter to all of the town’s residents highlighting that the local town government had exhibited a pattern of “corruptive behavior.” 

In his letter, Jim Rostek, the now-former mayor, argued that what was happening in their town was wrong and that he was sorry to be stepping down. However, he asserted that for his own health, he needed to take a step back. Despite this, he encouraged the residents to keep fighting and stated that he would continue to support them as they fight for what is right. 

In his letter, he alleged that the code enforcement has been “discretionary” and “discriminatory,” perpetuated by City Manager Robin Ignacio Gomez. He said that the city manager was engaging in corrupt behavior that he could not participate in. He claimed that every day, Gomez was spending the money of taxpayers in an attempt to justify his discriminatory behavior. 

Rostek said he called for a life jacket policy to be established, which was allegedly ignored by Gomez. He said he also pushed for municipal employees operating city vehicles and boats to have a formal prohibition on cell phone usage and a smoking policy in place, but this, according to him, was also ignored. 

Rostek said that a resident sent him a picture that showed people riding in code enforcement boats without life jackets. He claimed that he has also seen people in city vehicles smoking, despite the federal law that is in place. Still, he said Gomez has been unwilling to “implement policy.”

In addition, Rostek alleged in his letter that his colleagues had been engaged in ethically questionable financial actions.

Gomez recently rejected Rostek’s allegations in an email.

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