Florida Sheriff Announces New Plan To Increase School Safety

Florida Sheriff Announces New Plan To Stop School Shootings

Could This Sheriff’s New Plan STOP School Shootings?

(ConservativeHub.com) – The numerous shootings that have taken place in recent years are forcing schools and law enforcement organizations to reevaluate their security. Some push for stricter gun laws, while others make sure their officers are ready and able to take down any intruder. One Florida sheriff is going so far as to arm his team with rifles and tactical body armor.

On Monday, August 8, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey posted a video on Facebook announcing his school deputies will be wearing tactical uniforms and arming themselves with rifles. He hopes the new uniform standard will make it clear to potential assailants: they “mean business.”

Sheriff Ivey emphasized this new gear will allow officers to respond instantly to any threat, something they couldn’t do previously and that clearly didn’t happen in the recent Uvalde, Texas, massacre in which 19 students and two adults died.

This move is similar to an initiative in North Carolina’s Madison County, where law enforcement is placing AR-15s within school buildings this upcoming year to protect them. However, rather than in the officer’s hands, the school resource officers will store the gun in a safe with extra ammunition in the event it’s needed.

Do you think these strategies will make our nation’s schools more secure, or are they adding a level of unnecessary security and alarm to a place that should be a haven for kids?

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