Florida Sting Operation Leads to Capture of Over 150 People

Florida Sting Operation Leads to Capture of Over 150 People

Sting OPERATION – Over 150 People Caught!

(ConservativeHub.com) – Police departments look for signs of sexual exploitation in their communities, hoping to end sex trafficking and similar illegal acts. In Florida, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office carried out a week-long sting operation they named “Operation Fall Haul II.” When it concluded, authorities arrested over 150 people, including teachers and amusement park workers.

On Friday, September 9, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced his department’s success resulting in the arrest of police officer Jason DiPrima, two Disney workers, and multiple teachers. DiPrima resigned from his position as the deputy chief of the Cartersville Police Department in Georgia after the department placed him on administrative leave.

The police placed online ads. Respondents agreed to meet for sex but instead found themselves arrested. Authorities collared one school employee out on bond after a previous arrest for assaulting a student. Two of the teachers nabbed in the operation included a PE teacher from Orange County and a math teacher from Osceola County.

In all, law enforcement arrested 160 people on a total of 52 felony and 216 misdemeanor charges. Officers also rescued two victims of sex trafficking during the operation, and they believe they could save more in the coming days. Sheriff Judd, in a statement reported by Fox 35 Orlando, said, “Prostitution is not a victimless crime,” and detailed how online traffickers exploit victims.

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