Football Coach Weighs in After Speech From Harrison Butker

Photo by Patrick Ogilvie on Unsplash

( – After Kansas City Chief player Harrison Butker gave his faith-based commencement speech at a Catholic college. It reportedly divided the internet. Mike McDaniel, head coach for the Miami Dolphins, was asked about his opinions on the speech, and he gave his response.

Speaking to reporters, McDaniel said he thinks it’s important to “open” players’ eyes “to their platform if they’re new to the situation.” He said people need to understand that what they state publicly “can be fragmented” and remain with them “forever.”

McDaniel continued by adding that players should believe in what they say. “You just try to educate people” on the consequences of their actions, he said. However, he stressed that players’ “freedom of choice” means they should go down the path that they want to.

Fox News reported that for decades, sportsmen and women have had their their statements and actions live with them — or at least remain in public consciousness — forever, whether in a positive or negative way.

For instance, in 1968, during the Olympics in Mexico City, John Carlos and Tommie Smith performed a “Black Power” salute, which is forever tied to their careers.

The same was true for Colin Kaepernick, who played six seasons for the San Francisco 49ers but will be remembered for kneeling during the national anthem.

The report stated that these individuals believed what they stood for, and the “same rules apply” in Butker’s case even though his comments focused on a different subject. The speech is something he will be remembered for.

During his speech, Butker caused an uproar among many for encouraging female graduates to embrace their “vocation[s]” as “homemaker[s].”

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