Foreign Extremists Send Disturbing Warning to U.S.

Taliban Sends Disturbing Warning to U.S.

( – The Trump administration and members of the Taliban signed a peace agreement in February 2020, opening the door to an end to America’s longest war. Negotiations took about two years, but the Biden administration could destroy that deal in a matter of months.

The US agreed to reduce its troop strength in Afghanistan by about a third last year. According to the agreement, The US would withdraw any remaining troops by May 1, 2021. However, media outlets reported on March 18 that President Biden was considering delaying the final troop withdrawal until November.

Taliban officials were swift to respond. Suhail Shaheen, one of its negotiators, told reporters in Moscow the delay would violate the agreement. He warned of an unspecified “reaction” from the Taliban if the Biden administration were to blaze past the May 1 deadline.

Whether or not the administration and the Taliban can agree soon remains an open question. With any luck, they can keep tensions at a manageable level. We will update you as events unfold in this breaking story.

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