Former Athlete ARRESTED – Major Drug Trafficking Allegations!

Former Boxer Allegedly Part of Drug Trafficking Scheme

Former Boxer Charged for Alleged Role in Drug Trafficking Scheme

( – Many professional athletes find another path after they age out of their sports career. While they often choose something within their field of expertise, such as a sports commentator, one Montenegro boxer allegedly went a different and decidedly illegal route. The Department of Justice (DOJ) just announced it charged the former heavyweight fighter as part of an enormous drug trafficking scheme.

On Monday, October 31, the DOJ announced that police arrested boxer Goran Gogic on Sunday night while he was trying to hop on a flight from Miami, Florida, to Zurich, Switzerland. Officials have charged the former professional athlete with trafficking over 22 tons of cocaine from South America, through the US, to Europe in 2019. Law enforcement seized drugs connected to Gogic three times. The largest raid resulted in authorities confiscating over $1 billion of the illicit substance.

According to the DOJ news release, people working for Gogic would use speedboats, cranes, and nets to load the cocaine onto ships while at sea. If found guilty, the former boxer could spend at least 10 years in prison and face a maximum of life behind bars.

Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent-in-Charge Ivan Arvelo emphasized that Gogic’s arrest and subsequent charges show “narcotraffickers worldwide that they are not free to hijack international maritime commerce with impunity.” The investigation was made possible by the cooperation of law enforcement on all levels, from local and state police to federal agencies both in the US and abroad.

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