Former Attorney Going to Prison After Stealing Millions

Former Attorney Going to Prison After Stealing Millions

Former Attorney Headed To PRISON – His Scheme Was Despicable!

( – While many lawyers fight for justice and the good of those they serve, not all are as kindhearted as one would hope. Sometimes stories crop up about attorneys abusing their power. For instance, a Winter Park, Florida, lawyer agreed to a plea deal after pleading guilty to stealing millions of dollars from his 108-year-old client.

On Friday, June 24, Florida’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced that attorney Matthew Roby stole $3 million from his client, Helen Kuhn. According to the report, he “fraudulently” obtained power of attorney and began siphoning money from her bank accounts, eventually totaling up to $3 million. Thankfully, investigators have recovered over $2.4 million of the stolen funds.

Economic Crimes Detective Chris Williams noted Kuhn was a “sharp and feisty” woman who passed away this June. She was a local teacher and pilot who eventually caught onto Roby’s scheme.

Officers arrested Roby in 2021, and he was disbarred soon after. After accepting a plea deal, he’ll serve in prison for five years for grand theft and exploitation of the elderly. Investigators are still looking for other victims who may have fallen prey to Roby’s deception.

This story reflects a growing trend of exploitation the elderly face in the United States, a form of elder abuse. In this day and age, it could happen to anyone.

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