Former CIA Worker Convicted in Major Criminal Case

Former CIA Worker Convicted in Major Criminal Case

Former CIA Worker CONVICTED – He’s in Big Trouble Now!

( – US District Judge Jesse Furman handed down the jury’s guilty verdict in the case of Joshua Schulte, a former programmer with the CIA, on July 13. The court convicted him of nine counts related to espionage for providing confidential information to WikiLeaks.

This case was the former CIA employee’s second time in court. His first appearance ended in a mistrial after a jury deadlock. He acted as his own attorney this time around, and it took the jury only four days to return the verdict.

Schulte claimed the government failed to prove a motive or establish that he was the actual culprit. He said authorities only connected him to the leak after first choosing him as a suspect and making the evidence fit their narrative. He also stated he was loyal to the US and motivated to serve the country after the September 11 attacks.

The prosecution said Schulte was upset with the agency and acted on this to bring harm to the CIA. They showed evidence directly tying him to the crimes.

Federal officials called the act the biggest information leak in CIA history. Known as the Vault 7 material, the data Schulte handed over to WikiLeaks included details on CIA technology and spying procedures. He revealed secret operations, hacking techniques, and information exchange methods through coding and documents.

The former government employee could face up to 80 years’ imprisonment in this case, but the judge didn’t set a sentencing date. Schulte also has a child pornography case pending, and Judge Furman decided to delay sentencing until that wraps up.

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