Former Crime Boss Dies 4 Years After Conviction

Former Crime Boss Dies at 89

( – Francis Salemme was the top dog in Boston’s Patriarca crime family In the early 1990s. He was most recently incarcerated in 2018 after authorities unearthed the body of Boston nightclub owner Steven DiSarro two years earlier. Prosecutors convinced a jury beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mobster had killed him in 1993. While serving the life sentence, Salemme died at 89.

On Tuesday, December 13, the Bureau of Prisons updated its records to reflect that Salemme, commonly called “Cadillac Frank” because of his previous job of fixing up the beloved cars, died behind bars. His cause of death still hasn’t been revealed.

Salemme rose to power through the decades by fighting rival gangs in Boston during various crime wars in the 1960s. He was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison in the early 70s for trying to kill an attorney. After his release, the mobster pleaded guilty to racketeering in 1995 after his best friend, Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi, told authorities about the scheme.

But, Salemme secured an early release from prison into the witness protection program by testifying against rogue FBI agent John Connolly Jr in 2002. He had been living in Atlanta, Georgia, using the name Richard Parker when authorities found the remains of DiSarro.

According to The Guardian, Salemme attempted to appeal his conviction and sentence, but the Supreme Court turned him down. He died in a Missouri prison.

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