Former Cuomo Staffer Killed in Shocking Incident

Former Cuomo Staffer Killed in Shocking Incident

He’s DEAD – Former Government Staffer KILLED In Shocking Incident

( – Rides home from the beach, even late at night, are usually pleasant, especially among friends. Shockingly, for a former staffer of the former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, his Lyft ride home turned fatal.

Just before 2 a.m. on Sunday, July 24, Gaithersburg, Maryland resident and former Cuomo staffer Sid Wolf, 43, caught a Lyft home with five other friends from Dewey Beach to Bethany Beach, Delaware. During the drive, the group got into a disagreement with their driver, who stopped on the road and told the passengers to get out.

When Wolf exited the vehicle from the rear right passenger seat, a 2016 Toyota Corolla following the Lyft moved into a different lane to avoid rear-ending the car, but struck and killed Wolf in the process. The Corolla driver immediately pulled over and waited for the police to arrive, but the Lyft driver left.

On Wednesday, July 27, a police spokesperson told the New York Post that investigators identified the Lyft driver, who acted “cooperative” with the police. Still, the ride service permanently banned the driver from working for them. Police have not yet filed charges.

According to LinkedIn, Wolf acted as Cuomo’s Associate Director of Federal Affairs from July 2019 to December 2021. His wife and two daughters survive him.

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