Former FBI Agent Warns China Could Benefit From Russia-Ukraine War

FBI Agent Warns China Could Win Russia/Ukraine War

( – The Russian-Ukraine conflict is hurting both nations. While countries in Europe and the US are issuing sanctions to damage the Kremlin’s economy, they may be overlooking the potential for another country to come out on top in this situation.

A former FBI agent with a history working in China and North Korea warns the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would benefit the most from Russia’s aggressive actions. Steve Gray told Fox News Digital he believes the Chinese will see their economy thrive amidst the sanctions. With the ruble losing value, the yuan will likely increase.

He also explained Chinese leaders are watching carefully. They’re getting a good education in how other nations would react if they invaded Taiwan.

Gray said his work taught him the CCP has one main goal: to become the global leader, ousting the US from that position. China is learning by watching how nations are carefully avoiding taking down Russia’s energy industry. If the Communist nation can get a stronghold in certain sectors, it will be more likely to survive sanctions because the rest of the world will be too dependent.

Another individual who agrees that China will benefit from this conflict is Yun Sun, China program director at the Stimson Center. According to him, the situation with Russia is taking US attention away from China, which is a winning situation for the nation. He called it a “useful distraction… particularly given that the U.S. just announced its Indo-Pacific strategy.”

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