Former NFL Player Arrested After Disturbing Video Surfaces

Former NFL Player Arrested After Disturbing Video Surfaces

( – Technology certainly causes its fair share of damage, but every now and then, it reveals things to the world that might have remained hidden. The case of Zac Stacy happens to fall into the latter category.

The former NFL running back appeared to use extreme violence against Kristin Evans, apparently not realizing or perhaps not caring about a home surveillance system recording his actions. The video went viral and shocked the world.

[Warning! The video within the article below is graphic and may be triggering for those who have experienced domestic violence.]

The 30-year-old former NY Jets running back only played three seasons before retiring four years ago. Stacy was gone when the police arrived, but the authorities apprehended him just four days later. The video shows Stacy hitting a woman who appears to be his former girlfriend, Kristin Evans. Then viewers see him throwing her into a television. Perhaps the most disturbing part of the video is the 5-month-old infant who looks on from the couch.

This incident isn’t the first instance of domestic violence from someone connected to the NFL, but the video may make it harder for Stacy to avoid conviction. He currently faces charges of criminal mischief and aggravated battery.

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