Former Pentagon Official Warns China Could Dominate AI

Former Pentagon Official Warns China Will Dominate AI

( – China hopes to become the world’s dominant economic power by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the creation of the People’s Republic of China. The country’s strategy relies on gaining the upper hand with emerging technology. A British think tank recently published a research paper detailing America’s dominance over China regarding cyber ability. However, a recent report indicated there’s still a lot to be done to maintain an edge over Chinese science and technology.

Nicolas Chaillan, the Defense Department’s first chief software officer, recently gave his first interview since he announced his resignation on September 2. Chaillan told the Financial Times he resigned in protest over concerns about the slow pace of technological advancement in the military services.

According to Chaillan, America’s failure to adequately respond to China’s emerging technology puts his children’s lives at risk. He warned that the US wouldn’t have a “fighting chance” to compete with China in “15 to 20 years” if it continues its current trajectory. “Right now, it’s… a done deal,” he said, adding, “It is already over.”

Chaillan later clarified those remarks on his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts after Financial Times and other media outlets reported that he claimed the United States had already lost the battle over artificial intelligence (AI) with China.

Chaillan explained he “never said we lost.” He actually said if America didn’t wake up “NOW,” it wouldn’t have a “fighting chance” to win the AI and cyber technology war with China in 15 years.

Fortunately, Chinese policy remains one of the few areas where Joe Biden and Donald Trump agree. With any luck, Biden continues Trump’s “America First” approach with Chinese officials and tech companies.

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