Former Police Chief Speaks Out on Capitol Protests

Former Police Chief Speaks Out on Capitol Protests

( – A joint session of the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees kicked off a series of hearings on the January 6 attack on Washington DC’s Capitol complex. Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund was one of three witnesses who testified during the first day of hearings on Tuesday, February 23.

Sund began his prepared statement, calling the events of January 6 “the worst attack” on American democracy and law enforcement officials he’d ever witnessed. “Those criminals came prepared for war,” he stated. They came with climbing equipment, radios, and other gear to defeat the Capitol’s security systems.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) asked Sund about remarks made by retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, the head of a House-led inquiry into security in Washington DC. Honoré accused Sund along with House and Senate sergeants at arms of being complicit in the attack.

Sund denied working with rioters and added that he thought Honoré’s comments were disrespectful. According to him, a lack of “accurate and complete intelligence” contributed to the riot, not any action on the part of the Capitol Police.

As Sund told senators, the intelligence community needs to broaden the scope of the information it gathers to prevent a repeat of the events of January 6. With any luck, they were listening.

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