Former Service Member PLEADS GUILTY – His Crimes Are Unforgivable!

Former Army Member Pleads Guilty in Case of Horrific Death

Second Former Army Member Admits To Role in Fellow Soldier’s Death

( – Marijuana is fast becoming legal throughout the United States. But it remains illegal at the federal level, meaning military members cannot use the drug. Army Specialist Austin Hawk witnessed another servicemember utilizing the substance and did his duty to report it. His commitment to duty ended in his violent murder on June 17, 2020, at Fort Stewart in Georgia. Now, two men have pleaded guilty and face long stints behind bars.

Former Army serviceman Jordan Brown was the soldier whom Hawk saw using marijuana. But when Hawk reported the infraction and Brown had to face a court-martial, Brown became upset. Brown blamed Hawk for all his troubles and conspired with another military member, Byron Booker, to make Hawk pay.

Booker committed the actual murder, forcing his way into the barracks, stabbing Hawk at least 40 times, and cutting his throat. But without Brown, there would have been no motivation for the crime.

Booker had already pleaded guilty to murder before Brown’s hearing. On November 29, Brown entered his guilty plea in federal court to lesser crimes related to the killing, including witness intimidation and assault of a service member.

Booker is awaiting a decision on his fate, but under his plea agreement, he has a mandatory minimum life sentence. Brown’s deal with the prosecution includes the potential of 16 years and eight months to 20 years behind bars. The federal system doesn’t offer parole, so both men would serve their full sentences but can earn time off their sentences for good behavior.

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