Former Sheriff Found Guilty of Abusing Boys

Former Sheriff Found Guilty of Abusing Boys

( – Citizens across the nation hear countless horrific stories about people figuring out how to abuse their power. Yet, now and then, there’s a story where the system works as it should and justice prevails. The latest example occurred with a former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff, who now faces life in jail.

After a two-week trial that concluded on Monday, November 8, a jury found former sheriff Jack Strain guilty of eight counts of rape, incest, indecent behavior, and sexual battery. Five victims spoke during the trial about the decades of abuse they experienced at Strain’s hands, typically after viewing the sheriff as a father figure or role model to them. Some victims were also family members.

Fox 8 NOLA’s digital content producer, Jesse Brooks, shared more about just how the trial went down on Twitter:

After his trial, Officers booked Strain into the St. Tammany Parish jail, the exact jail he was in charge of for 20 years, before moving him to a nearby parish to keep him safe from inmates. Strain also has another trial coming up in December for a halfway house kickback scheme. His assault victims were courageous enough to step forward and share their trauma publicly to ensure Strain did not continue his unspeakable acts. Hopefully, this might bring closure to Strain’s other victims who chose not to come forward publicly.

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