Former UFC Star Opens Up About Life-Altering Source of Income

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( – Paige VanZant, renowned in the UFC circuit, disclosed that her earnings from a website that promotes adult content in just a single day surpassed what she accumulated over her whole fighting tenure. The 29-year-old mixed martial arts veteran initiated her spicy online presence in 2020, after six years in the MMA arena.

In a conversation on the “Only Stans” podcast by Barstools Sports, VanZant engaged with the host Glenny Balls about the significant financial shift she experienced through sharing imagery of herself.

The site “has definitely been my largest source of income,” she asserted, comparing it to what she has earned from her entire fighting career.

She shared insights about the perceptions surrounding the site in question, noting her subscriber base largely comprises men, a demographic likely shaped by her history in combat sports.

VanZant acknowledged her diversified efforts beyond the UFC, striving to carve a niche as a mainstream figure. Social media played a catalyst in her shift towards a strong online presence, responding to the frequent requests from her followers for personal photographs. This move to monetize her online persona has proven to be financially transformative.

She candidly remarked that she’s indifferent to the potential professional setbacks due to her online profile, stating, “Now, I have made the transition… if people don’t want to hire me… I don’t really care.”

Initially, her shared content was modest, but it evolved to more explicit material over time.

The topic of adult based content sites has sparked debate, as it stands at a crossroads of empowerment for content creators, especially women, to earn from their content, and societal reservations about the explicit nature of the material shared. The platform has been a financial boon for some educators in the U.S. and Canada, who, despite facing dismissal for their content, reported higher earnings there than from their teaching positions. A particular case in Missouri saw a high school teacher on administrative leave after her contributions were uncovered, augmenting her annual teaching income significantly.

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