Former US Military Pilot Allegedly Trained the Chinese

Former US Military Pilot Indicted for Training the Chinese

( – Many military members choose to use the skills they learned while in uniform in their careers after they leave the service. While some may become commercial airline pilots or defense contractors, for example, others turn to teaching instead. That is precisely what Daniel Duggan did after leaving the Marine Corps. Yet, he’s now under arrest for training Chinese pilots.

According to a 2017 indictment obtained by CBS News, Duggan, a former US citizen who now lives in Australia, stands accused of conspiracy and providing “training to PRC (People’s Republic of China) military pilots” at a flight school he owned in South Africa between 2010 and 2012. Australian authorities arrested the aviator in New South Wales on October 21 after a request from the FBI. The nation will likely extradite the air combat instructor to America soon.

According to The Guardian, a lawyer for Duggan emphasized that his client “denies having breached any US law, any Australian law, any international law.” However, the State Department says it emailed him in 2008, letting him know he must obtain approval from the federal government for his flight school to train foreign service members, something it alleges he didn’t do.

Duggan faces money laundering conspiracy charges, violating arms regulations, and unlawfully exporting defense services. Now, he begins his legal journey to prove his innocence or face justice for his crimes.

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