Fox News Commentators Discuss Kamala Harris’s Absence Amid Biden Crises

Fox News Commentators Discuss Kamala Harris's Absence Amid Biden Crises

( – Once upon a time in America, when things got rocky, strong people stood up and took action. Nowadays, with Joe Biden occupying the White House, the applicable rule should say, “When the going gets tough, the tough go somewhere else.” At least, that appears to be what’s happening with Vice President Kamala Harris — much to the chagrin of a group of Fox News hosts.

On Tuesday, October 26, Fox News’ The Five hosts discussed Harris’s conspicuous absence from public appearances with President Joe Biden. For months, the pair seemed inseparable, and Biden made it a point to talk about the Biden/Harris administration policy. Biden even rebranded his website with “Biden Harris Democrats” prominently displayed across the top of each page.

Panel member Greg Gutfeld observed that Harris appeared to be “looking for lifeboats [aboard] Biden’s sinking ship.” Fellow panelist Dana Perino nodded in agreement and wondered out loud if Harris’s staff decided to distance themselves from Biden in light of his crumbling approval ratings or whether White House personnel were behind the break with previous protocol.

Perino followed up her concerns by noting Harris wasn’t slated to accompany the president on his trip to the United Nations-sponsored G20 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Harris recently came under fire after several Virginia churches played a pre-recorded video of her promoting Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s bid for governor of Virginia. Some legal scholars claim it violated federal laws banning nonprofit groups from participating in politics.

What do you think about Harris’s recent separation from Biden? Is something untoward happening?

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