Fox News, Dominion Reach Massive Settlement

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

( – Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems have reached an agreement regarding how the network covered President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread election fraud and rigged elections in the latest presidential election.

The Hill reported that for the past few months, the two parties have been going back and forth in the courtroom in a case that was widely considered to be precedent-setting for defamation law. It was believed that depending on the outcome of the case, the finances and reputation of the company could be significantly affected.

The settlement was reached a short time ahead of the start of opening arguments in the defamation trial. According to The Hill, Fox News likely benefits from the settlement by avoiding having to go into detail about the internal strife in the network surrounding the 2020 election.

While the exact details of the settlement have not been disclosed, Dominion lawyer Justin Nelson has revealed that the settlement reached was for around $787.5 million. During a press conference, Nelson pointed out that the truth was important and that “money is accountability.”

Nelson did not reveal whether the network would have to issue an on-air apology or retraction as part of the deal. Dominion CEO John Poulos said that Fox news confessed to lying about Dominion in a way that severely damaged the company and those associated with it. “Nothing can ever make up for that,” he said.

Poulos added that throughout this case, they had been trying to get accountability and that he believes that the evidence presented in this case emphasizes the “consequences of spreading and endorsing lies.”

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