Fox News Heir Spends Millions to Support Liberal Causes

Fox News Heir Spends Millions to Support Liberal Causes

( – Fox News has struggled to define itself in the wake of the transition of power from former President Donald Trump to the current occupant of the Oval Office, Joe Biden. However, the network recently realigned itself fully with Trump as part of an effort to regain ratings strength, and that strategy appears to be working, at least with the company’s bottom line. Unfortunately for Fox, recent news might disrupt that success.

CNBC reported on June 8 that Fox News heir James Murdoch has quietly invested about $100 million in Quadrivium, his nonprofit foundation. A review of the organization’s 2019 tax filings shows it spent significant amounts of money supporting nonpartisan, liberal, and Democratic causes. Murdoch and his wife also donated $20 million to oppose Donald Trump and support other causes, like fighting online extremism.

Quadrivium’s tax records are available due to its status as a 501(c)(3) charity. CNBC determined it donated over $40 million to groups battling climate change since 2019. It also bundled $14 million with $24 million in donations from Murdoch and his wife to election groups to protect voting rights and promote other Leftist ideals.

It appears at least some of that money paid off for the Murdochs. They donated to “get-out-the-vote” campaigns in Georgia, where Republicans ended up losing two runoff elections in early January, effectively handing control of the Senate over to Democrats.

No one knows what to expect when Rupert Murdoch hands the keys to Fox News over to his children. However, James Murdoch’s well-documented support of Leftist causes could be a preview of coming attractions for the network.

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