Fox News Host Discusses the Democrats’ Rally Against Biden

Fox News Host Discusses the Democrats' Rally Against Biden

( – US presidents and members of Congress have clashed over war powers for over 150 years. The US Constitution grants Congress the power to “declare war,” but presidents frequently initiate military actions anyway. Four of the last five presidents used military force without congressional approval.

Concerned about the possibility of Joe Biden starting a nuclear war, 31 House Democrats signed a letter on Monday, February 22, asking Biden to give up his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons as commander in chief. The letter warned that such power “entails real risks” and that past presidents had “exhibited behavior” that caused others to “express concern about [their] judgment.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity weighed in on the letter Wednesday night, saying the effort must be “totally humiliating” for Biden, particularly in light of questions surrounding his cognitive functionality during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Continuing, Hannity pointed out the effort by Democrats is unconstitutional. What, he pondered, do Democrats know about Biden that they aren’t telling the rest of the country? According to Hannity, Democrats “hated” Donald Trump, and they didn’t raise any concerns regarding his authority to launch a nuclear attack.

What Hannity and the 31 Democrats didn’t know was that Joe Biden would launch an attack on Iranian-backed militia in Syria Thursday night, February 25. Perhaps there is some cause for alarm. Perhaps there isn’t. Either way, Hannity raises an important issue.

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