Fox News Reporter Hospitalized After Injury In Ukraine

Fox News Reporter Hospitalized After Injury In Ukraine

( – Journalists who work on the frontlines during crises and wars put their lives at risk to show the reality of what’s happening. Unfortunately, they sometimes suffer injuries or worse as a result. A Fox News correspondent covering the events in Kyiv, Ukraine, just received severe injuries while reporting.

On Monday, March 14, Fox News revealed one of its reporters, Benjamin Hall, was injured and subsequently hospitalized while working in Ukraine. CEO Suzanne Scott released a statement saying the network has “a minimal level of details,” and crew members on the ground were looking to sort out exactly what happened. On Wednesday, Fox News reported that Hall had been moved out of Ukraine, but was “alert and in good spirits.”

Reports also say the crew he was working with, which included cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski, came under fire in Horenka, just outside the capital city of Kyiv. Zakrzewski later died of his injuries, and his colleagues took to Twitter to express their condolences. A Ukrainian journalist named Oleksandra Kuvshynova also reportedly died in the same attack.

Fox has other reporters in the region who continue to deliver breaking news of the events in Ukraine as they occur. A number of journalists have been impacted by the invasion in recent days. American filmmaker and journalist Brent Renaud was killed on Sunday when Russian forces reportedly fired on his vehicle, and his reporting partner Juan Arredondo was injured in the same attack.

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