Funeral Worker Accused of Stealing From Elderly Widower

Funeral Worker Accused of Stealing From Elderly Widower

( – The elderly are sadly often targets for criminals who want to scam them out of money or assets. Most of the time, it’s a scam phone call or message that results in the loss of thousands of dollars. However, sometimes the cons are far worse. A Florida woman is in hot water after authorities say she committed a despicable crime.

On Tuesday, March 8, authorities arrested Maribel Torres of Miami-Dade, Florida. In 2019, Torres, who works in a funeral home, befriended an older man who had lost his wife. The man suffered from Alzheimer’s, which made her crime all the worse. She managed to integrate herself and her son into his life by telling the victim they were family.

Torres allegedly manipulated the victim into signing documents that gave her power over his financial and legal matters and added her and her adult son as owners of his house. Torres then used this new ownership status to take out over $400,000 in loans.

The mother and son duo got away with the con until the victim’s nephew did a wellness check and discovered them living in the house, which he then reported to authorities.

Torres is out on bond following her arrest but faces charges of elder exploitation and grand theft. She goes back to court on April 7.

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