Gavin Newsom in Massive Trouble After Latest Recall Update

Gavin Newsom in Massive Trouble After Latest Recall Update

( – Tensions remain high in California as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the state’s population and economy. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s efforts to combat COVID-19 with harsh restrictions have led to a statewide effort to remove him from office.

Organizers of the recall effort had until March 17 to submit the required 1.5 million signatures to state election officials. They say they submitted a total of 2.1 million signatures by that deadline.

State election officials have until April 29 to verify the signatures. They recently issued a report showing the confirmation of 1.2 million signatures so far. The current rate of signature confirmation sits at almost 82%. According to a March 19 report from The Los Angeles Times, we may see the required number of confirmed signatures by early April if that continues to hold.

Californians could see a repeat of 2003 when Democratic Gov. Gray Davis was recalled and replaced by Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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