Georgia Election Board Launches Investigation of Senator Warnock

Georgia Election Board Launches Investigation of Senator Warnock

( – Election fraud has become a topic of much debate recently, especially in the wake of 2020’s November election. Now, the New Georgia Project (NGP) and a major state leader are under intense scrutiny over voter registration concerns.

The Georgia State Election Board voted three to zero to refer Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and the NGP to the state’s attorney general for further investigation and possible prosecution.

At issue are more than 1,200 voter registration forms that NGP held onto for longer than the 10-day maximum limit set by the state legislature in 2019. NGP claims its focus is on voter registration and driving civic engagement with Georgians. However, if the allegations they held onto registration forms too long prove true, it could indicate something improper has indeed been happening with Georgia elections.

Not the First Allegation Against NGP

Adding fuel to that already-raging fire is the fact that NGP is already part of an investigation led by the Georgia attorney general’s office. That inquiry aims to find out whether NGP contractors used forged signatures on voter registration ballots.

The NGP and Warnock face possible criminal sanctions and civil penalties (like fines) if those allegations turn out to be accurate.

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