Giuliani SLAPPING Case Update – Deal Revealed

Person Accused of Slapping Rudy Giuliani Offered Deal

Person Accused of Slapping Rudy Giuliani Offered Deal

( – Alternative punishments are common within the modern judicial system. Instead of sending someone to jail and giving them a permanent criminal record, courts often allow deals dismissing a charge if the defendant meets certain criteria. County attorneys pursuing the case against a man accused of assaulting former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a ShopRite in June reached such an arrangement.

Daniel Gill, who worked at the store when the incident occurred and received a suspension for his actions, made a deal with prosecutors allowing them to drop the assault charges if Gill abides by an agreement to stay out of legal trouble for the next six months.

The incident in question occurred on video. Giuliani was in a supermarket on Staten Island when the man slapped him on the back. The former attorney claimed it felt very rough and compared it to being shot. But the recording showed barely a reaction from former President Donald Trump’s legal adviser.

Despite this, police arrested Gill, and prosecutors charged him with assault. His lawyer, Susan Platis, stated the man had no prior criminal record and did nothing illegal in the situation, Silive reported.

When announcing the plea arrangement on September 21, Assistant Richmond County District Attorney Darren Albanese explained in a statement that it was a complex case to prosecute because proving physical harm and intent wouldn’t be simple.

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