Glenn Youngkin Becomes Official Governor of Virginia

Glenn Youngkin Becomes Official Governor of Virginia

( – In November, Glenn Youngkin (R) beat out Terry McAuliffe (D) in Virginia’s gubernatorial election. On Saturday, January 15, state officials swore in Youngkin as the state’s 74th governor. He immediately went to work addressing hot-button issues affecting constituents in his state, signing 11 executive orders before the day was out.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) was a major cornerstone of his campaign, and he remained true to his word when he signed an executive order addressing CRT in Virginia schools. The directive tasks Virginia’s school superintendent to review curriculums and policies, looking specifically for “inherently divisive concepts.” He also recognized parents’ rights to be involved in their children’s education and remained steadfast in his vow to ensure they continue to maintain those rights.

Other directives took aim at eliminating mask mandates in the state’s schools and nixing vaccine mandates for state workers.

Youngkin also wasted no time naming people to his administration, including Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kay Coles James, and his counselor, Richard Cullen. He’s been busy, but he’s only going to become busier with a long list of issues he wants to address.

It’s not all smooth sailing for the new governor just yet. Democrats, who still hold a majority in the state’s Senate, have vowed to block as much of his agenda as possible.

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