Glenn Youngkin Reportedly Launching Two Political Groups

Glenn Youngkin Reportedly Launching Two Political Groups

( – After his amazing election win in 2021, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) now wants to help other Republicans succeed in their races. Politico reports the governor is creating two political groups to assist other gubernatorial candidates throughout the country. They will also help with the attempt to secure two of Virginia’s seats in the US House of Representatives for the GOP.

Youngkin won his election because he focused on issues impacting voters. He highlighted where his competitor was weak, and he stayed separate from former President Donald Trump, which helped him earn the support across the aisle. He became the first Republican governor of the state in over a decade.

Other members of the GOP see his race as an example of what they should do to be victorious in November. Youngkin realizes this and is more than happy to help them. He can raise money and hold events for other candidates through his two new groups.

His work on the national level also leads to questions about his plans for the future. Fox News notes some people wonder if this means he may make a run for the White House as soon as 2024. Some observers conjectured he might be a potential candidate in the presidential election after his win in 2021, but Youngkin hasn’t confirmed anything.

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