Good Samaritan Gets REWARD – But He Says It Was Cheap!

Man Dissatisfied With Reward After Finding Lost Haribo Check

Man Dissatisfied With Reward After Finding Lost Haribo Check

( – A man traveling home in Frankfurt, Germany, after visiting his mother found something unusual on the train floor: a check worth around $4.7 million made out to candy maker Haribo. But the company’s response left him feeling a little salty.

Anouar contacted the gummy bear manufacturer about the Rewe supermarket check. He explained how he found it, and they instructed him to destroy it, asking for proof after he did so. The man followed the instructions and thought nothing more about it.

A few days later, he got a package from Haribo. It contained six different sweets from the candy maker. Reflecting on the apparent reward, Anouar told a German news outlet that it seemed “cheap” considering the favor he had done for them.

In a statement, Haribo explained the company always sends the package to thank someone. Haribo officials felt no need to do anything more since Anouar didn’t do anything but discard trash for them. There was no theft risk because it was a check with the company’s name on it.

Some people feel doing a good deed shouldn’t necessarily result in a reward. With that in mind, is Anouar being ungrateful since he did get something in return for his actions? Or should the company have recognized him with a more extravagant gift?

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