Good Samaritan Injured After Rushing in To Stop Robbery

Good Samaritan Injured After Rushing in To Stop Robbery

Good Samaritan INJURED – But He Showed Up Just in Time!

( – Law enforcement usually recommends if you see a crime, you should report it, but one citizen in Malden, Massachusetts, took things to the next level. Instead of letting an alleged criminal get away, he physically restrained the individual until police could take him into custody. Witnesses marveled at the bravery of the Good Samaritan, who suffered injuries in the incident.

On August 29, around 2:00 pm, 21-year-old Ryan Dos Santos was in Malden delivering for Instacart. On a nearby street, 26-year-old Jayson Seay allegedly stole a purse from a woman walking to the MBTA station. Dos Santos heard screaming and then saw Seay running by him. Knowing something nefarious was happening, the delivery driver sprang into action, chasing the alleged thief and tackling him to the ground.

A teenager in the area filmed the takedown on his cell phone, and another witness, Noreen Toomey, called 911. Meanwhile, Dos Santos and Seay were struggling with each other. Seay reportedly stabbed Dos Santos in the leg and then began biting his arm, but that didn’t dissuade Dos Santos from holding down the alleged criminal until the police arrived.

Dos Santos went to the hospital for his injuries, receiving stitches in his leg. He left the facility later the same day. The purse-snatching victim only suffered minor bruises.

The investigation continues, but Seay faced a judge for his first hearing on August 30. His charges included armed robbery and assault with intent to murder.

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